Omega Phi Chapter History

Executive Committee


Joseph Mensen

Senior Vice President

Dan Eickhoff

VP of Pledge Education

Ernesto Lazaro

VP of Finance

Michael Haeger

VP of Chapter Operations

Parker Scanlon


Ben Karst

VP of Professional Activities

Jerry Patterson

VP of Community Service

Jess Nelson

empty profile - female

VP of Scholarship and Awards

Max Doom

VP of Alumni Relations

empty profile - male


Mia Umerski

empty profile - female

Chapter Fundraising Chair

Henry Braun

VP of Corporate Partnership

Haley Christiansen

VP of National Events

Nico Demo

Chapter Social Chair
Michael Driscoll
DEIJ Chair
Ava Brown
Fundraising Chair
Alvaro Caballero

The Omega Phi Chapter was founded on September 13th of 2020. Our chapter is made up of more than 40 driven, kind, and motivated individuals who are looking to build a community on campus based on a commitment to service, professional and personal growth, and a continuous focus on building relationships. As a professional fraternity, we exist to contribute to the professional and personal development of our members.

As the Corona Virus Pandemic has impacted all of our lives, Omega Phi has continued to function and prosper in these tough times. The motivated attitudes that all of our brothers carry on a day to day basis allow us to adapt to safe yet productive methods of functioning. We strive to continue our actions as a chapter regardless of any restrictions that may come our way.

Our Pillars

We believe having strong pillars creates the foundations for truly exceptional organizations. For this reason, we are proud to perpetuate the pillars of Delta Sigma Pi: Professionalism, Service, Brotherhood, and Scholarship.


Professionalism is at the heart of all business, which is why we incorporate it into aspect of our organization.

Besides day-to-day procedures, we provide professional options to our members and campus as a whole through guest speakers, networking opportunities, panels, and site visits. Exclusively for our members, we have specialized dinners, ceremonies, and sponsorship interactions.


Our chapter holds the value of service very close to our hearts. It is our goal to have a positive impact on each of our surrounding communities in a variety of avenues, and instill this virtue into each of our members.

We aim to blend our service events with a flavor of fun. For instance, if there’s a park cleanup event we make sure to bring speakers, Spikeball, and frisbees.  One of our larger events during 2021, was through charity miles that raised nearly $3,000 for Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital with the help of five other chapters.


Brotherhood, or companionship, is essential to the success of relationship-building across businesses, organizations, or groups in general. We aim to take a collection of strangers and transform them into a tight-knit group of friends.

Omega Phi wants to keep our teambuilding activities fresh and interactive for all members, so the events vary significantly. Some examples include kickball tournaments, movie nights, obstacle courses, or large dinners.


While our members are different in many ways, one of the constants is academic achievement and campus involvement. We are proud to be Deltasigs, but we understand that we are students first. This emphasis on academics has led our chapter to have an average GPA of 3.62, with nearly 40% over 3.70.

In terms of involvement, our members represent Delta Sigma Pi at more than 25 other clubs and organizations on campus. In fact, we encourage our Brothers to expand their horizons for added experience and perspective for the benefit of the chapter and themselves.

Our sights are now set on chapter awards, specifically through Delta Sigma Pi. Even though our chapter is young, we believe we have the ambition and talent to obtain further accolades, and we look forward to showcasing our abilities.

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