Frequently Asked Questions

What is Delta Sigma Pi?

Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) is a co-ed professional business fraternity for men and women interested in business. The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University is the home to the Omega Phi chapter of the fraternity. 

Who can join DSP?

DSP is a co-ed fraternity for business related majors and business minded individuals. Our chapter has members who are Global Business, Economics, Finance, Accounting, and other majors.

How big of a commitment is DSP?

DSP brothers are expected to attend weekly meetings. At meetings we discuss new chapter developments, partake in professional development exercises, do team building activities, and more! We do have attendance policies surrounding occasional service and fundraising events, which take place usually once a month. We have additional social, service and professional activities brothers are encouraged to participate in, and our brothers will agree that you truly get out what you put in to DSP!

Is DSP a real fraternity?

Yes! There are 305 chapters of Delta Sigma Pi internationally. Unlike more common social fraternities, we focus on the professional, leadership, and networking development of our brothers as well as service to our community.

What are the benefits of joining DSP?

There are lots! Beyond the lifelong bond you build with your brothers, there are dozens of reasons to join DSP. Our alumni network stretches into all areas of the business world and can be a great way to build up your network. Trips to conferences and other chapters can also give you an opportunity to meet new people and create connections. Events such as mock interviews, resume workshops, speakers and more can help you grow as a young professional and develop the skills you need to succeed in the business world.

What does recruitment look like?

Our recruitment period is roughly two weeks at the beginning of each semester and can include a number of events (e.g. Meet the Brothers Social, Boot Hockey Tournament, Volleyball, Trivia Night, etc…). The more we see you at events, the better impression you’ll make on our decision team! At the end of the recruitment period, you may receive an email about the next steps and an invitation to interview!

What if I'm interested but I can't make it to recruitment events?

Sometimes your schedule is too booked for a week, we understand! Reach out to us via the website, Instagram, email, or a current brother, so we could set up a one-on-one coffee break or something along those lines to accommodate accordingly. We would love to meet you, so please reach out!

I'm sold! How do I get recruited?

First, attend as many recruitment events as you can and bring a great attitude; the events and application can be found on our “Recruitment” page or Instagram. Second, complete an application so we can get your contact information and fill in any gaps that you weren’t able to explain during the events. The deadline for applications is a hard cut off after our last week of recruiting, so make sure to get it done on time!