Our Sponsors

Our chapter is extremely grateful for the relationship we have gained with our corporate sponsors. Bergen KDV and Kensington bank have been working directly with our chapter since the chapter’s installation, and we owe so much to their support and generosity over the years. Our brothers have a number of opportunities to directly involve themselves with our sponsors such as semi-annual mixers, site visits, access to other professional development opportunities. 

Additionally, our sponsors have access to some of the most involved and accomplished students on both Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s campuses. 

Kensington Bank is a Minnesota-based banking institution with the goal of building strong relationships and giving back to the communities they serve. With seven locations spread throughout Central Minnesota, Kensington Bank specializes in both personal and business banking opportunities. 

Kensington Bank has sponsored Delta Sigma Pi’s Omega Phi chapter since the Spring of 2020.

BerganKDV is powered by people who do business the Midwest way, delivering comprehensive business, financial and technology solutions including: tax, audit and accounting, business advisory, technology, NetSuite and ERP, Human capital management, and wealth management. Our core values of authenticity, commitment, passion, curiosity, and innovation drive our decisions and define what it means to be BerganKDV.

BerganKDV has sponsored Delta Sigma Pi’s Omega Phi chapter since the Spring of 2020.